Using your 401k for Real Estate Investing

When people think about their 401k, they consider a lump sum of money that has been put away for retirement. In fact, most people completely forget about their 401k until income tax time. Creative real estate investors, however, have figured out that their 401k’s and real estate investing have a mutually beneficial relationship.

So with that being said, you are probably wondering how a savvy investor can use one for the other.

The easiest way that 401k and real estate investing can work together is through the ability to take out a loan against a 401k. The primary objective with real estate investing is to use little or none of your own personal money to fund the investment. Since you are allowed to borrow against your 401k, you can use this to finance part of your investment. When the deal closes, you will receive the amount you borrowed and then some. You can then easily pay back the loan without affecting your 401k. So, basically, it’s like a short term loan you make against yourself. You have access to the funds needed for investing, it doesn’t technically come directly out of your pocket, and when you finally cash in your profits, you simply pay yourself back.

There are some things to note about this method of investing, however. First, you should know that there is a cap on the amount you can borrow against your 401k. This amount is usually $50,000. However, it can be less, depending on the amount of money you actually have in your 401k. Another thing to note is that the real estate you purchase through this method is not eligible for the mortgage-interest tax deduction. There are no tax benefits when you use 401k to finance a portion of any real estate related transaction.

Another option for is to put the money into an IRA, or individual retirement account. Sometimes this is not allowed, but it if is, you will have more flexibility on what you can do with the money. You might receive a penalty for moving your money from your 401K. However, the penalty is usually worth considering given the benefits you would receive through real estate investing. Just keep in mind, the main objective is to only borrower the money for a certain period of time. As you wrap up each deal, its imperative that you repay yourself, and only hold onto the remainder of the profit.

If you are weary of the risks involved, there is a safer way to invest in real estate by using your 401k. Some plans offer the option to invest in real estate investment trusts. These trusts consist of companies that buy and sell real estate, which is a much less risky way of investing in real estate. It also requires less work on the part of the investor since the trust companies are the ones actually doing the real estate investing.

Most people are unaware of the many possibilities that exist by using their 401k’s to invest in real estate. It is a creative way for investors to make a profit in real estate without actually using their own money. The best part about it is that there are both safe and risky ways of investing with this money to yield a profit. The decision you make is one entirely of personal preference.

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Buy Land – Investment – DFW Real Estate

Buying land can be seen as a stagnant investment by few. However, if you compare investing in land with other investments that you want to make, you will know that investing in land is one of the best decisions you will make in your life.

Buying land as an investment requires a deep understanding of the growth potential of the place you buy in. Buying land next to a highway will be excellent. However, are you buying land in a saturated market? Or are you buying land in a growing market? Many of us may know the I-635 and I-75 highway flyovers under construction. In the same way, when you buy land, you should see the proposals of growth for highways and infrastructure projects. Study the trends in business growth and migration. Taxation policy for businesses may be something you want to observe.

Land is an excellent investment. Not only does it ensure security, it also ensures growth. Land maximizes utility and has a greater return on investment (ROI) than stocks or a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Should you want to build a house on your land, you can do so. You can sell it to a developer should there be an increase in demand for the property due to mobility of workforce or people into the area. Let us take the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas real estate area. The DFW, Texas real estate market has Dallas homes for sale that have excellent amenities and the land in the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas real estate area is valuable considering the growth potential of the metroplex. The development of highways, infrastructure projects and increasing connectivity of the local transportation has increased the value of land in the metroplex.

Let us examine investment in land by looking at a few other investment options. If you buy a Certificate of Deposit, the return on investment can be lower than the inflation rate. So, you may be basically losing money by investing in a Certificate of Deposit. It may be better to pay more money to your land payment and ensure that it applies to the principal. Now, regarding investing in stocks, there are very few stocks that perform exceedingly well. Many stocks underperform or don’t give the return on investment that one hopes for. Unless you invest in a startup with excellent growth potential, it is unlikely to have a return on investment that is more than the return on investment on a land investment.

If you consider the ratio of land/person, the ratio shows that the land per person is reducing every day. Population growth in the last century outgrew the population growth in the century preceding it. Land is limited in supply. So, land is valuable and ensures a better return on your investment. Even if the land loses value, you will have the land and slowly the land will regain its value. Land is a safe investment. With all the reasons listed above, buying land is an excellent investment.

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Commercial Real Estate in Japan

Japan is an island destination, situated in East Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. Bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north, the Sea of Japan to the west, and the Philippine Sea to the south, Japan is the second largest economy in the world.

Japan is a developed nation, boasting of well-organized society and excellent infrastructure facilities. Apart from scores of tourist attractions, Japan boasts of a great number of high-rise buildings, multinational companies, business firms, and leading financial institutions. Perhaps for these reasons, commercial real estate in Japan is booming.

Commercial property market in Japan is considered the largest in the world, after the US. Japanese commercial real estate includes office space, executive suit, commercial land, industrial property, and retail space. Investing in a commercial property in Japan is regarded as a great way to diversify your portfolio as well as to build wealth and enjoy tax benefits. Further, Japanese commercial real estate is considered an excellent long term investment, yielding huge returns and profits.

The commercial real estate prices in many of the areas in Japan have record prices. For instance, a piece of commercial property in Ginza shopping district of Tokyo cost around 26 million yen per square meter. Likewise, commercial real estate prices are skyrocketing in such areas as Niseko, an enchanting ski resort in the northern part of the Hokkaido Island, Nagoya, situated along the Tokaido Shinkansen road between Osaka and Tokyo, and Osaka, at the basin of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay.

Anyone can purchase or acquire a commercial land or property in Japan. But, only appropriate visa holders can invest in real estate in Japan. It would be even better if one has a permanent visa. Likewise, it is quite difficult for a foreigner to obtain mortgage through a Japanese bank in order to invest in a real estate in Japan.

For the foreigners to apply for loan, it is mandatory to have at least permanent residency status and collateral in the country. A Japanese mortgage is considered a great way to finance for your commercial property. The interest rates are exceptionally low, and majority of the financial institutions provide a mortgage in yen.

Among the steps involved in the buying process of a real estate in Japan are ensuring that you have sufficient finance to buy property, making offer to the vendor, signing contracts written in Japanese which is translated in English, if required, and opening of a trust account. Additionally, the commercial property purchase transaction include expenses in the form of stamp duty, registration and license tax, property acquisition tax, and fixed assets tax.

A plethora of real estate firms, realtors, and property builders are now available to help you in locating a commercial property according to your budget and requirements, no matter it is industrial property, office buildings, or retail spaces. Many of the real estate firms have a section exclusively to cater to services with regard to commercial real estate. Some of them even provide the service of an expert lawyer to verify the authenticity of documents.

Mostly, these firms render a continuum of services in connection with commercial real estate, such as, helping you in locating a commercial land or property that goes with your requirements as well as effectively dealing with the procedures involved in the sale or purchase of a property. Apart from these, there are certain real estate firms providing the service of solicitors, who in turn offer services such as checking of the content written in the contract, ensure that the commercial property is unencumbered, trust fund services, and independent objective advice. In some instances, these firms offer services such as asset management, office leasing, and finding a suitable tenant.

But, it is important to make a thorough research with regard to the professionalism of a real estate firm, before approaching them. It is also vital to check the fee they charge, as some firms may charge huge fee in the form of hidden fee.

Next, analyze the way they render the service. The internet is perhaps the most suitable option to find an appropriate real estate firm in Japan. Many of the realtors have their own websites, with details of commercial property available for sale as well as lease. One can also lean on sources such as online directories, yellow pages, and reviews to find a competent realtor for your commercial real estate needs.

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The Real Estate Virtual Tour

Why Virtual Tour is famous in Real Estate?

Virtual Tour is famous in Real Estate because clients don’t have to leave home to have a glimpse of the property they are rooting for. This is especially if the client is still in the phase of choosing the right home to buy. It is not practical for them to go and visit each houses to help them decide. Client who lives overseas find it beneficial as well.  They can already decide if the certain property is right for them or not after the virtual tour.

On the part of the realtor, virtual tour is cost efficient and time saving because having it in their website is like bringing each client to the house of their choice even if the realtor is sleeping or doing other business.

What is Virtual Tour?

There are two types of virtual tour. One is interactive floor plans and the other one is a more sophisticated one.

Interactive Floor Plans – this virtual tour shows images of the property with the help of arrows and a floor plan to show where each images was captured. By clicking on the arrows, the user will be directed to the position of the camera and which direction it was pointing.

Sophisticated Virtual Tour – is like a full service virtual tour which the expert photographers created. These photographers visit the property which was being sold and take some photos and run them in software.

Example of Sophisticated Virtual Tour:

Benefits of Virtual Tour for Realtors

Virtual Tour is a great real estate marketing tool that you can add in your website. Now that competition is tough online, you need to exert extra effort to be in front of your audience all the time and offer them a great service they could have not exchange for any other realtors. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, here are some more.

  1. Reach more buyers. Virtual tours can help you get more listings and increase sales rate. This is because buyers can decide right away. This online tour helps them to see all the angles they want to see and not just what the realtor wants them to see in a few selected photos. Virtual tour can convince the buyer and answer their questions on the spot.
  2. Help you target real audience. The process of real estate buying and selling can be time consuming and you don’t want to waste your time on audience who are not qualified and just want to visit the house. With an eye-catching virtual tour, you can assure that the audiences who reach out to you are qualified because they’ve seen it all and ready to take the final step. Whereas the non-qualified buyers are already entertained with the tours and feel like they are already there. Watching the 360 full color panoramas will give them the satisfaction they want and would no longer bother you.
  3. It gives buyer the freedom to walk through the house virtually. Virtual tour gives the buyer the feeling of walking through the property privately. They can savor the moment without interruption and this tour can help them feel how it is to live there. When you trigger the buyers’ emotion, be prepared to take them to the final steps.

It is unimaginable not to have a virtual tour in your listing. This marketing strategy eases up the selling process for both the buyers and sellers.

If you are not an IT graduate and you do not know about software, there are companies that can create a virtual tour for you in an instant, if you don’t have one yet. Ask for their portfolio so you can be sure that they create high definition virtual tours. Also see to it that it can be viewed at any devices.

Once you have a professional looking virtual tour, leads will come flowing in your real estate website. Making your customer happy should be your number one objective because when they are happy, they will most likely love to make business with you and they will even encourage their friends and family members to make a transaction with you as well. Make a happy customer now!

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Real Estate Industry of India

The construction of commercial houses, residential housing, and business spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, and industrial buildings, namely factories and government buildings, are all covered by the real estate sector. Real estate also involves activities such as the purchase, sale, and development of land. Thus the real estate activities encompass both construction and housing sectors.

The Indian real estate industry, which is currently worth about US$ 12 billion, plays a significant role in contributing to the economy of the country. The real estate industry in India ranks second in the world in terms of generating employment for the people of India and contributing to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Presently real estate accounts for about 5% of India’s GDP; in the next five years it is expected to rise up to 6%.

The real estate sector of India is flourishing at a fast pace. Over the years the industry graph has shown an upward trend. The industry has shown a growth rate of about 30% each year. The recent surge in Indian outsourcing business houses, including technical consultancy services, medical transcription, and call centers, has constituted about 10 million square feet of growth in real estate.

Today, several multinational corporations have shown great confidence in investing in Indian real estate sectors for its promise to gain tremendous returns on investments in India. Another reason why foreign investors are keen to invest in the Indian real estate sector is the easy and cheap availability of skilled workforce and the considerably low cost of operations. This adds up to higher returns on investments.

The unprecedented growth in the Indian industrial real estate sector is fuelled by two important forces. First, the fast expansion of the Indian industrial sector has created a large demand for manufacturing and office buildings. Second, the liberalization policies of the government of India have simplified the investment process by reducing the need for permissions and licenses for starting any large construction project. The government thus opened the doors for foreign investment in the real estate sector of India, which gave a further push to the development of the real estate industry in India.

The main reason for the government of India to allow FDI in Indian real estate was to make the sector more organized and inject a sense of professionalism into the real estate industry. As a result of the FDI, the villages adjoining the metropolises have experienced an upsurge in the land prices. This in turn has forced several farmers to sell their land and get good money in return.

Thus, the real estate sector in India by riding the back of the overall economic growth of the county is witnessing an unparalleled growth and has brought about several regulatory changes. High industrial growth, favorable demographics, rising purchasing power of people, easier financing options, a sharp increase in global liquidity, looser credit policies, a greater availability of leverage, an increase in mortgage lending, a selective capital account, and consistent growth in equity markets have resulted in an upturn in the real estate investment sector. These along with the government’s relaxation of FDI policies have made the Indian real estate industry an attractive investment option.

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Ontario Real Estate Lawyer – How to Choose a Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate transactions have become increasingly complex and time consuming over the past decade. If you are thinking or have ever purchased a land, whether the property is a cattle ranch or a ten story building, you need a lawyer that can help you realize your investment with minimal hassle and relative ease. Selecting a real estate lawyer to help with a residential or commercial real estate transaction can be time consuming and difficult. You can spend hours searching through lists of attorneys trying to find a real estate lawyer that meets your needs.

Most real estate lawyers deal with writing real transaction documentation and ensuring all the t’s are crossed so to speak. Mistakes in real estate transactions can have very serious consequences.

Here are some different areas and aspects that Real Estate Lawyers handle:

  • Agricultural Law
  • Buy Sell A Home
  • Commercial Property
  • Construction
  • Condemnation
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • Mortgage Matters
  • Zoning

Working with reputable real estate attorneys can help you locate local real estate lawyers that routinely handle the purchase and sale of residential real estate as well as real estate attorneys that focus on complex multi-party commercial real estate transactions. Legal Connection can help you find a lawyer for just about any real estate matter.

A lawyer can help you resolve your problems. The first qualification is that you have to feel comfortable enough with your Real Estate Lawyer so you can tell, truthfully and wholly, all the details necessary to resolve your problem. No one you listen to and nothing you read will be able to tell you which particular lawyer will be the best for you; you must judge that for yourself.  This is why selecting a real estate lawyer to help with a residential or commercial real estate transaction can be time consuming and difficult, however with some basic questions to ask at hand your task of choosing the attorney for you should be easier to handle.

If you need assistance of an Ontario real estate lawyer, Miskin Law Offices offer legal assistance that is based on the value of the service and not on hourly rates. Miskin Law Offices also specializes in alternative dispute resolution. If the situation arises that you are looking for an Ontario personal injury lawyer, you may want to consider Miskin Law Offices.

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Property for Sale in South Africa-kwazulu Natal South Coast

Property for Sale in South Africa,Kwazulu Natal South Coast

South African Real Estate

offers great value in a depressed world economy. South African Property allows you to pay with stronger overseas currencies and get returns on your investments that are extremely attractive.

My beat is the Kwazulu Natal South Coast, also known as the Hibiscus Coast, the South Coast and the Golf Coast. A region of the province known worldwide as the ‚Kingdom of the Zulu‘. Whatever you call this area of KwaZulu Natal on South Africa’s east coast it is a holiday and tropical paradise. Fantastic beaches, great golf courses and lots more make this a place that you will soon fall in love with. The Hibiscus Coast is approximately 120 kilometres south of Durban and extends from Hibberdene in the north to Port Edward in the south and include the busy holiday centres of Shelly Beach, Uvongo, Margate and Ramsgate.

The warm, sunny, sub-tropical climate in the area appeals to visitors and locals alike and even the winter days are warm enough to have your regular swim in the Indian Ocean which at 24 degress is not hard to do. In addition to the beaches there are plenty of other activities including numerous sporting clubs, golf courses, modern shopping malls, libraries, museums, and walking trails. Having a piece of South African Real Estate is an added bonus.

An example would be a 8 bedroom Guest House at St. Michaels-on-Sea for 240,000 Euros (R3,300,000). Great value and a regular clientele of overseas visitors to boot. What about a 30 room Hotel in Margate with a Restaurant and a Bar for 450,000 Euros (R5,500,000). Our cheapest houses start at 200,000 Euros (R350,000).

I am proud to live here and to be able to give you the opportunity to consider our area for your next property investment. Soak up the African atmosphere and watch the sun set over the glorious African horizon.

More info can be seen at my blog on

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Real Estate Trends In And Around Houston 2011 – Montgomery, Conroe And Magnolia

The tremendous increase of activity in sales of new homes in Montgomery at the start of the year sparked off talks of another property boom to hit Texas in general and Houston and its neighboring counties in particular. However, with relative leveling, March 2011 real estate data shows a dip and experts believe this is perhaps to do with the changing price indexes. So, what does this mean for families eyeing new homes Magnolia and Conroe homes for sale?

One interesting fact that should let prospective buyers stand up and take interest is that while Houston city sales got its chunk of buyers thanks to the luxury homes sales, and Montgomery county recorded a dip of 2.2% in real estate sales as compared to March last year, the story with Lake Conroe Tx and Woodland areas has been quite the opposite. Lake Conroe for a fact, recorded an 11% increase when compared to the same month last year, thus indicating a revived interest of buyers in Conroe real estate. Most realtors attribute this renewed interest in both Conroe and Magnolia properties to two major driving factors.

Firstly, there is always the laid-back atmosphere that is always associated with both the places. While Conroe has a wide range of activities for families living in the area, Magnolia Tx homes on the other hand, provide some of the most cheapest deals with respect to acreage. From small homes to spacious 5500 sq. feet abodes, and throw in another 1-10 acres of land with that, it should tell you why Magnolia realty is enjoying so much attention.

In the same vein, the waterfront homes are perhaps the best investment as far as buyers are concerned. In order to get a better feel of the situation, lets take some statistical examples.

The 2010 figures show that all the waterfront homes were valued in the range of $178,000 to $2,475,000.

In 2002, buyers who purchased waterfront Conroe Texas homes at $15,000 to $595,000 saw sales of homes in July 2010 to range between $39,900 and $1,200,000!

This should give you an idea of the profitability factor associated to buying property in the area.

The second reason why sale ability of real estate in the area is so high is attributed to the proximity of towns like Magnolia and Conroe to Houston. With roughly 40 miles separating Conroe from Houston and a mere 25 miles in case of Magnolia, they provide families with the strategic as well financial advantage of being so close to the big city. Driving back and forth to the city for work is not a problem and you know you will be returning back to calm and serene home.

With a large amount of influx from other parts of the country to Houston, real estate Magnolia Texas and Conroe to some extent provide the perfect setting for someone looking to buy a home without the headache of an astronomical mortgage over their head. In fact, Magnolia homes for sale are the choice of ranchers and entrepreneurs who love their peace and quiet.

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Bangkok Real Estate for Sale or Rent

Undoubtedly, Bangkok’s real estate for sale offers some of the best accommodations in Thailand. In this major economic and financial center, one can find exclusive apartments in lavish high-rise edifices, with stunning, breathtaking views over Thailand’s capital. There are many real estate companies in Bangkok which can offer the best accommodations they have. However, because the city is so vast and the options are so many, it is imperative for anyone interested in buying or renting in this area to use the professional advice of a property consultant and broker. Forbest Properties is the solution. It provides its clients with a Bangkok property listing database which contains well selected real estate according to multiple criterions.

Bangkok occupies the 22nd place in the world regarding the number of people living in this amazing city. Its population doesn’t consist solely of local persons. The reasons are that a thriving, prosperous and modern city always attracts new people. Because Bangkok is constantly growing, the prices are affordable to foreigners as well. According to Thai law, foreigners can purchase housing units in more than one area of the city. So, even if you are a foreigner, Forbest Properties can still be of help through its Bangkok property listing. They can assist you in choosing valuable real estate and invest your money in more than one housing unit.

Using the Bangkok property listing and the well documented comparison which Forbest Properties provides, you can easily find out the best offers regarding the accommodation which is more appropriate for you. You can choose between apartments and condominiums. Apartments are preferred because they offer advantages to both single persons and families. Better maintenance, security and a wide variety of facilities make apartments suitable for all types of lifestyles. The level of the services is the same for condominiums, but there is a slight difference: the condominiums imply individual ownership and you will have to settle all the deals with the proprietors directly. This is the main fact which influences the properties‘ prices. Other aspects which influence the buying or renting of a Bangkok real estate are: the surface of the home, whether it is furnished or unfurnished, the facilities and the condition of the property. The décor and the style of the accommodation can vary depending on the location in the city and it is often a decisive factor when renting.

Details can easily be missed when hunting for a home in Bangkok. The multitude of offers is sometimes overwhelming, but the sincere advice of professionals, like the ones at Forbest Properties, can guide you, the buyer in a search through the Bangkok property listing. Taking into consideration that newspaper ads can be vague, incomplete and sometimes untrue and being reminded of the priorities one should have when looking for a home, Bangkok real estate for sale can prove to be much easier to handle by a regular inexperienced client. A consultant will guide and direct the person interested in real estate by helping him consider the proximity to office, schools and services, the accessibility to the local means of transport, the traffic in the area, the distance between the Bangkok real estate for sale and the place of work and, in case of rental, the improvements of the property, the contract terms, the tenant rights and of course the prices.

Of course, one can find a good Bangkok real estate for sale or for rent by himself as well. In Bangkok, advertising notes placed on buildings or in their vicinity isn’t very unusual. They can be very helpful, just like asking friends or coworkers which live in condominiums to help you find out about available accommodations. Another way of searching for an accommodation in Bangkok would be to enter a building and to ask politely around. Either way, it’s impossible not to find something for sale or for rent. However, these methods are risky, time consuming and offer no guaranteed results.

If you prefer to spare yourself the effort of searching for the needle in the haystack and if Bangkok is totally unfamiliar to you, you should turn to the very rich Bangkok property listing that Forbest Properties provides its clients with. Their aim is to help you touch your property goals. They will find that particular style or design or that particular type of housing you are searching for.

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The 6 P’s of Real Estate Marketing

One of my past clients asked me how he should handle his clients in a tough market. He gave me a little background information on what he was currently doing and I suggested to him the „6 P’s“ of Real Estate Marketing. I strongly suggest applying the 6 P’s to all real estate agents in any economy and in any market. Marketing in a way that is different from your competitors is the main factor in obtaining sales. I can’t tell you how many real estate agents came to me after they lost a sale to another salesperson that does exactly the same marketing as they do. If you keep doing the same marketing techniques over and over again you’re going to get the same results. So what are the 6 P’s of Real Estate Marketing?

1. Positive Attitude– Make sure the sellers know how enthused you are about selling their home. Enthusiasm is contagious and they will be more inclined to accept your recommendations if you exuberate a positive attitude. It is important to remember that almost every person is attracted to people who emanate confidence, optimism, and sincerity. This will play a major part in attracting new business relationships.

2. Promotion– There are various ways to promote listings and increase real estate sales. Most likely you will be marketing to people in your sphere of influence (SOI). Your sphere of influence includes, but is not limited to, current and past clients, organizations, other agents, brokers and network groups, the MLS, etc. Another effective promotional tool is using a Pre-Listing Package, which is discussed later in this article.

3. Perfection– As a real estate professional, you should strive for perfection in all aspects of the home buying and selling process. We all know that nothing is „perfect“, but we should do our very best to make sure that the client receives quality and unparalleled service. This is a goal you should always strive for. Holding yourself to high standards and possessing integrity can make a big difference.

4. Preparation– Provide all your sellers with information on how to prepare their home, common seller mistakes, and the home selling process. By doing so you are being proactive while saving time on the many questions your client will ask in regard to the processes. This aspect of real estate marketing could also fall under communication and feedback.

5. Pricing– Explain to the client where your listing price sits in comparison to other similar properties. You want to give all sellers a comparative market analysis so that they will have the facts as to why you came up with the figure you have. If you are not providing clients with one you need to do so. The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) compares a property to other similar homes in the neighborhood that are currently on the market or sold in the last six months. This will allow you to determine the best listing price for their home.

6. Pre-Listing Package – A Pre-Listing Package is the most powerful impression you can make on a seller. This is a package of information letting the client know about you and your company. It also explains to them how you are best qualified for all their real estate needs. The Pre-Listing Package is a great tool used to get clients excited about you and your company before the first appointment. You will not only differentiate yourself, but you will obtain more listings, income and referrals. By personalizing your package to meet your seller’s needs, you are exuding professionalism and showing them that you truly care.

Approach all of your real estate endeavors with the 6 P’s of Real Estate Marketing and watch your business grow exponentially. Good luck and much success!!

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